Birmingham LGBT History Festival: Beautiful Thing 15

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To close this year’s Birmingham LGBT History Festival we are delighted to present a special screening of the much loved coming-of-age film Beautiful Thing, at the Electric Cinema. This screening will be followed by an exclusive Q&A discussion with its creator: playwright, author and screenwriter Jonathan Harvey (Gimme, Gimme, GImme, Coronation Street).

A long, hot summer on the Thamesmead Estate, Southeast London. Three teenagers edge towards adulthood. Leah has been thrown out of school and spends her day listening religiously to the music of her idol, Mama Cass. Next door lives Jamie, bright but introverted, who skips school and argues with his pub manager mother. Next door to Jamie lives Ste, popular and good-looking, who seeks refuge with Jamie and his mother from the regular beatings inflicted by his drunken father. During one such night, Ste sleeps head to toe in the same bed as Jamie, and gradually they discover their mutual affection and love.

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