Birmingham LGBT History Festival: Even Solomon

Birmingham LGBT History Festival: Even Solomon PG

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 “Stephen Piper is a quiet young man. What is his secret?” – original BBC Billing for Even Solomon.

In 1979 the BBC’s Play for Today strand broadcast Even Solomon, one of – if not – the first British Television drama to feature a trans character. At a time where positive representation for trans people was almost non-existent, Even Solomon offered a heartfelt depiction of the challenges faced by a trans woman in the late 70s, as well as a fascinating glimpse into the gender politics of the period.

This special archive screening will be introduced with 'Sound & Vision' a talk by Kate Hutchinson (Wipe Out Transphobia) looking at the history of media portrayal and representation of the trans community, from mocking tabloid headlines to sympathetic documentaries that helped some viewers realise they were not alone in how they viewed their identity.  It will examine the power of positive visual role models but also the effect of negative stereotypes and how that influences public perception of the trans community

Kate Hutchinson is a Trans activist, Writer, and musician.  She is the regional coordinator for LGBT+ anti bullying charity Diversity Role Models, a facilitator and volunteer for All About Trans a project to improve media portrayal of trans people. She is also on the national committee for Schools OUT who organise the national festival of LGBT History.  In the last 12 months she has received positive reviews for her talk ‘Blurring the Lines’ which looked at trans representation and gender expression in rock music.

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