Birmingham LGBT History Festival: Queer Spaces (CineQ)

Birmingham LGBT History Festival: Queer Spaces (CineQ)

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Join CineQ as we delve into what makes a queer space.

With a focus on queer people of colour, this evening's programme will  look at life through the lens of an archaeologist and his fixation on people of colour to create his own queer space far from home, a group in London that created a safe space specifically for queer people of colour, and then we look at the gay community as a space, in and of itself. 


Black Gay Britain.
In this short film, ITV takes a look at what it means to be black and gay in the UK. Set in the 80's this short film follows members of the black gay group in London as they talk about their experiences.

Harding and his Camera
An ambiguous love story told through the 1930s archive of a British archaeologist who took a camera on his digs in the British Mandate for Palestine, and fell in love with his Bedouin assistant

LGBT Lives
An introspective comprised of archive footage, showing what life was like personally and publically for the LGBT community in the 1980's.

These films will be tied together with a panel discussion and followed by live music from Zara Sykes. 

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