SHOUT 17 - Day Seminar: Queering Archives from East, South & West of Europe

SHOUT 17 - Day Seminar: Queering Archives from East, South & West of Europe

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Queering Archives from East, South & West of Europe

In response to Karol Radziszewski's exhibition 'Queer Archive Insititute (QAI)  join Centrala and SHOUT as we present  international seminar discussing queer art and archives. 

It is noticeable that the very term “queer” and references to queer theory have become popular in both academic language and the popular discourse. The very concept of queer undoubtedly challenges categorization related to sexuality, sex, and gender, and many paradigms applied to these concepts. What is the story of the term itself? How is it applied in the contemporary archival work attempting to re-tell the history? How the queer theories differ when we juxtapose Western and Eastern and South European contexts? 

The seminar aims to answer some of these questions by presenting various projects and initiatives by activists, academic, writers and artists from Eastern and Southern Europe and Britain who will join the discussion on impact of queer theory in our lives. 


10.30-12.00 Queering Eastern Europe: 

Welcome by Alicja Kaczmarek, director of Centrala (Burmingham). 

1. Stanimir Panayotov (Sofia Queer Forum, Bulgaria), Queer and History in Bulgaria. 

2. Slavcho Dimitrov (Skopje, Macedonia) Curating Queer Affects, An-Archiving Nationalism: Contemporary Queer Art Practices in Macedonia.

3. Łukasz Szulc (London School of Economics) Queer Tradition in Communist Poland. 

Open discussion. 

Chairing: Urszula Chowaniec, University Collage London 

12.00-1.30 Lunch break.

1.30-3.00 History and Queer

1. Ula Chowaniec (University College London)

 Queering Language? The Impact of the Queer Theory on Understanding the Past (of the Eastern Europe) 

2. Adam Carver (producer of Shout Festival) 

Queering Archives: Exploring Birmingham’s Queer History. 

Open discussion. 

Chairing: Alicja Kaczmarek, Centrala. Polish Expats Association. Birmingham

3.00-3.30 Coffee break.

3.30–5.00 Karol Radziszewski. Eastern European Stories on Queer Art. 

5.00 -6.00 Networking reception.

6.00-8.00 Opening of the exhibition.

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