SHOUT 17 - Holographic Bonds (Rory Pilgrim)

SHOUT 17 - Holographic Bonds (Rory Pilgrim)

In a time which sees the reconfiguration of many different social and political bonds, how can the model of the 'Queer Family' offer new ways of thinking and being?

Artist Rory Pilgrim will create a new music and choreographed performance bringing together people from Birmingham's LGBTQI+ community, Pilgrim aims to create an intergenerational dialogue that invites people to think how we create new networks of support and community. Drawing upon experiences of joy and intimacy, the performance will reflect on ways in which technology now allows us to share and communicate. Moving between both digital and live spaces, the performance hopes to create a moment in which we look at the past, deal with the present and move forwards together into the future.

As part of this exciting new project we are looking for people from the LGBTQ community in Birmingham and the Midlands to come share their stories and participate in this project, for more information on how you can get involved please contact

A SHOUT commission presented in partnership with Grand Union (Unit 19, 158 Fazeley Street, Birmingham).

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