SHOUT 17 - QTOPIA (Leo Francisco)

SHOUT 17 - QTOPIA (Leo Francisco)

"Union miners stand together
Do not heed the bosses tales
Keep your eyes upon your wages
and your hand upon the scale"
– A Miner's Life (trad arr.)

The cyberpunks see the internet as a way to transgress physical borders, destroy social hierarchies and allow information to flow freely. Can we use the internet to create new queer spaces as the forces of capital convalesce around a permanent state of crisis, sweeping away our community venues and clubs in the chaos of the class war?

Leo Francisco of the Queerzone3000 collective has created a virtual world using the open-source Minetest game. Drop out and connect from anywhere on the internet and build a resilient virtual community with your friends. Share the plentiful resources with cooperation and care. Build a new world that provides for all.

There will be a hacker hangout at BOM where you can relax and play or you can join us online and remotely. The hangout space will include work by other local young artists. Further details and link to be announced.

This new commission is presented by SHOUT in partnership with BOM (Birmingham Open Media).

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