SHOUT 17 -  Solo Performance Masterclass (Francois Testory)

SHOUT 17 - Solo Performance Masterclass (Francois Testory)

Join François Testory, who performs Medea, Written In Rage directed by Neil Bartlett, for a focused workshop ideal for performers and theatre students interested in the physicality and vocal possibilities of the solo performance

François's interdisciplinary and international experience has brought him to explore a diversity of performing styles, including opera, musicals, mime, French "pantomime", physical theatre and techniques going from ballet, to View Points improvisation, passing by Frederick Husler's vocal warm up. 

François was a principal of the Lindsay Kemp Company and has collaborated with many diverse companies such as Ballet Rambert, Rose English, Simon Vincenzi, DV8 Physical Theatre, Punchdrunk and Gecko.

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