SHOUT 17 - The Pass 15

In a Romanian hotel room on the eve of a big Champions League game, hyped-up young childhood friends Jason (Russell Tovey) and Ade (Arinze Kene) are indulging in horseplay, clad only in their underwear. There's clearly something going on beneath the bravado, but what transpires is to have a profound effect on their professional and personal lives over the next decade.

John Donnelly's absorbing adaptation of his much-acclaimed 2014 Royal Court play retains its claustrophobic feel and powerful three-act structure as it explores the still-taboo subject of homosexuality in professional football. Returning to the role he originated on stage, Russell Tovey delivers an intense and complex performance as the self-loathing Jason. Rising star Arinze Kene is equally impressive in this topical and compelling tale of fame, sexuality and denial set in a macho, image-obsessed world.

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