SHOUT 18 - Queer Sex on Screen 18

Why is queer sex a cinematic taboo?
Is pornography art?
Can pornography be feminist?

In this specially arranged screening, SHOUT will explore the history of representations of queer sex in cinema. Set in the context of Polly Apfelbaum’s exhibition Waiting for the UFOs, This event will present key examples of queer and feminist pornography and cinematic sex, programmed in partnership with the VQ/Bean Flicks.

There will also be a rare screening of Wakefield Poole’s 1971 erotic masterpiece Boys in the Sand (the only example of queer erotic film to be included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art) introduced by John Mercer, Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies, Birmingham City University.

The evening will conclude with a panel discussion on representations of queer sex and the role of pornography and erotica in art. 

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