SHOUT 18 - Rent Party (Darren Pritchard Dance)

"it’s as poignant as it is political, as fierce as it is fabulous" ★★★★★ - The Stage

Welcome to a party where vogueing is all the rage, there are shots aplenty, and you’ve got £80 worth of party vouchers (that’s 55p more than a week’s Universal Credit) to shower on this evening’s entertainers – hopefully they’ll make enough to cover this month’s rent.

Inspired by the rent parties of the 1920s Harlem Renaissance, musical gatherings held in people’s flats in order to help pay their rent, writer Cheryl Martin and Darren Pritchard’s Rent Party is an exploration – and celebration – of what it is to be young, queer and black in times of austerity.

we invite you the audience to pay to come to a party in our flat, so that we can make this month’s rent, and entertain you with all our artist friends – dancers, singers, musicians, poets – who will create a kaleidoscopic picture of what it means today to be young, gifted, and black – and poor, and gay.

Being broke never looked so Fierce. 

★★★★★ - Gay Times

PRE-SHOW WORKSHOP: Come and join the company an hour before the performance (7pm) for a free fun-filled party dance workshop and learn the 'Rent Party Hustle', before the main event kicks off.

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