SHOUT 18 - TAG (Ming DeNasty)

SHOUT 18 - TAG (Ming DeNasty)

TAG is a new body of photographic work exploring the diversity amongst LGBTQ+ women in Birmingham.

SHOUT is delighted to commission this new series of photographic portraits by Ming De Nasty exploring how women self-identify, what impact labels have on their lives and how their unique and complex identity shapes how they connect to the physical spaces around them. The finale images will be exhibited at the following venues across the city during SHOUT Festival: 

SYMPHONY HALL - 7th-8th November
BIRMINGHAM HIPPOROME 9th (1pm onwards) -10th November 
IKON GALLERY 14th-15th November (11-5pm daily)
MAC BIRMINGHAM 17th-18th November

To accompany the exhibition Ming will run a pop-up photographic portrait session for members of the public where you can recieve your very own portrait, this will take place as part of the SHOUT OUT community day at MAC Birmingham on November 18th. 


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