4 - 12 November 2022

Accessibility for SHOUT: At Home

This year we’ve put in loads of work to be able to ensure that SHOUT 2020 is one of our most inclusive programmes yet. We realise we still have some ways to go, but we’re hoping to develop into a festival that provides queer art and culture to EVERYONE

This year, most of our programme will have subtitles
The entire film programme and post-screening discussions will be subtitled. This includes any of our shorts programmes.

The main programme of events will be subtitled, Live events that take place over zoom and will be auto-captioned with REV software, and pre-recorded content will be subtitled manually.

Fantabulosa will have BSL interpretation and has been made to be as accessible as possible.
The Tran Talks Community Workshops will be live captioned.

We do advise that it’s more accessible to watch the content from out YouTube channel for our D/deaf Audience members, as auto-captioning can sometime be inaccurate.

If you have any concerns or want to talk anything through with us, don[‘t hesitate to drop us an email at shoutfestival@blgbt.org.

A huge thank you to our team of brilliant volunteers, Max Harding and Scottish Queer International Film Festival for working hard to make this possible.