3 - 12 November 2022

Meet the SHOUT 2021 team. Introducing: Nicole Roman

SHOUT Festival is back for 2021, and we’re thrilled to introduce our new Festival Team. Over the coming days, we’ll introduce each of the new team producing the Festival, as well as our brand new Advisory Board.

First up, meet one of our new Creative Producers, Nicole!

Nicole is an Israeli theatre maker and queer arts producer who specializes in LGBTQ+ arts festivals and artistic directing. Nicole has worked with a variety of companies and artists across the West Midlands including The 24 Hour Play, Imagineer Productions, Pangaea Poetry and most recently Notnow Collective. 

In 2016, Nicole became co-founder and co-artistic director of Provisional Act Theatre Company. Since then the company has produced a full length theatre production (Twice in A Box, 2016), four queer arts festivals (Loud & Queer Arts Festival, 2017-2020) and a touring drag king act.  

Nicole is passionate about the queer community and artists from an LGBTQ+ and immigrant background and strives to deliver a promise of inclusivity and more queer arts in rural areas.