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BORDERS, by Neta Gracewell

Borders ألسياج הגדר

by Neta Gracewell

Birmingham Conservatoire

Saturday 20 November, 7pm

£10 (students £7)

Performed as part of a double bill with Ash Mukherjee: Vishnu’s Got My Back

Junction Theatre is proud to present its debut production – Borders.

Borders is a play about a Grindr encounter between two potential enemies, written by Nimrod Danishman.
Boaz and George meet on Grindr. One in Israel, the other in Lebanon. Though they can’t hook up physically, something in their conversation excites them both. The distance, the “enemy”, the foreignness, the other’s stories. They both fill a void in the other, fostering a secret love, but as their urge to meet increases, the border between the countries heats up.

Junction Theatre would like to thank Shout Festival, NDT Broadgate, Migrants in Theatre and MENA ARTS UK for their kind support in the creation of Borders.

Director: Neta Gracewell
Producer: Alex Gomar
Actors: Yaniv Yafe and Joseph Samimi
Set & Costume Design: Ethan Cheek
Writer: Nimrod Danishman
Translator: Adi Drori
Poster & Graphic Design: Shachar Tzin

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