4 - 12 November 2022


In 2018 SHOUT were delighted to present this stunning series of portraits of LGBTQ+ Women from Birmingham and the surrounding area from artist Ming de Nasty. Supported as part of our ongoing commitment to platform the voices, experiences, and identities of queer people in the West Midlands, TAG, captured insights into the lives of LGBTQ+ identifying womxn from across the region through a series of one on one portrait sessions with the artist. 

In a world that requires so many labels individuals are trying their best to be true to themselves in a society that often wants to restrain and normalise. This collection of images highlights the difference amongst Birmingham’s LGBTQ+ women and the extent to which their self-definitions are at odds with cis heteronormative expectations

‘I wanted to explore the debate around identity and make portraits that showed people as unique individuals, to give the participants a space to tell their own stories and expose shared experiences’.

Ming de Nasty, October 2018