4 - 12 November 2022

A time of change for Shout

2023 was a time of change for Shout.  

After leaving the NPO, we decided that instead of working as we had always done, this was the perfect time to stop and take stock of what Shout should be, what our queer community needs us to be and how to make it happen. 

We were awarded Transition funding for Shout Reframed, a period of consultation, independent reports and reimagining. After almost a year of work, and a deep dive into the festival, we have a series of commissioned learning and reports to inform our route forwards: 

  • Comparative Queer Cultural Festivals and best practice 
  • Community and sector consultation responding to the current festival offer  
  • Audience Development Plan, analysing audiences and proposing growth strategies 
  • Equality Diversity and Inclusion audit, gap analysis and roadmap with specific actions  
  • Feasibility Study, considering alternative business models 
  • Funding report, identifying ways to support SHOUT’s ambitions for the future 

After all of this work, we felt we should share the Reframed team, so our community can meet the people who have been so influential into SHOUT 2024’s radical plans for changes to workforce, inclusion, programme, governance, capacity and ambition. 

Thanks must go to Helga Henry who led us on our Shout Reframed visioning day, and Lara Ratnaraja, Mat Lovell, Vip Artpradid and Rebecca Bridgman from the Shout Advisory Group for their support throughout the process.

2024 will be a time for action 🔥

Meet the Shout Reframed Team

Janine Francois (she/her)

Dr Chloe Asker (they/them)

Miki Lentin (he/him)

Catriona Cork (she/her)

Jo Muskett (she/her)

Tim Hodgson (he/him)

Helen Cuthill (she/her)

Lacey McFadyen (she/her)

Stay tuned for Shout Festival 2024 updates 👀