Ming de Nasty’s Tagmasc project explores issues around LGBTQ+ male identity and masculinity from her own queer perspective. Ten photographic portraits and interviews explore how LGBTQ+ men self-identify, how their self-definitions are at odds with cis heteronormative expectations and stereotypical representations of gay men and notions of masculinity. Covid19 restrictions meant that the original plans […]


PEOPLE LIKE US is an ongoing participatory photography project exploring AFAB (assigned female at birth) trans and non-binary identities and experience; masculinity, gender-dysphoria, gender-euphoria, the beauty and nuances of gender non-conforming bodies, visibility, rituals and individual complexities. This limited-edition zine made especially for Shout Festival features a series of images and participants’ quotes from the project. […]

IN THE PINK (Sean Burns, 2018)

The Newspaper for LGBTQ+ People in the West Midlands Between 1986 and 1990, ‘In The Pink’ was a free LGBT+ newspaper published monthly at the Trade Union Resource Centre in Digbeth and distributed to groups, pubs, and clubs around the West Midlands. The paper’s content varied from interview and listings to more political articles, thought […]