4 - 12 November 2022

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People Like Us: Krishna Lips (c) Holly Revell

Queer Photography at Southside

With Holly Revell (People Like Us) & Laura Chen (Killer Queens)
In Partnership with Southside BID & GRAIN


Opening soon


Queer Photography at Southside is a new public photography exhibition featuring the works of Holly Revell and Laura Chen who are using photography to capture local queer communities and to celebrate their diversity. Holly Revell project “People like us” is a participatory photography project that focuses on AFAB (assigned female at birth) trans and non-binary identities and experiences. Through this viewers are invited to engage with images of gender non-conforming people which have been made collaboratively putting participants at the forefront. Laura Chen “Killer Queens” captures Birmingham’s drag community celebrating their uniqueness to the contemporary British and global drag scene. 

Please note: The exhibition in Southside is postponed until further notice due to unforeseen circumstances. We are working hard to bring the amazing works by Holly Revell & Laura Chen to you. Keep watching this space for updates!

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