4 - 12 November 2022

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Casey Obsidian: Restorative/Meditative Illustration

Creating art is a way of accessing a meditative state. It can be used as a tool for coping with emotions, a conduit for expressing the profound, or simply the joy of bringing something into the world that wouldn’t have existed without you. Many people fear art, worrying about what others will think of what they do, or that they won’t be good enough. Once we bypass this narrative, we can find a space to become more accepting of ourselves. Once we enter the flow of creating and become present in the now, we calm the constant chatter of the mind and allow ourselves to focus, letting our daily worries aside for the duration.

This event is designed to offer you the space to be creative and relaxed. You will be tutored by Casey, who will show you some drawing techniques and guide you through an assignment with your well-being in mind.

Artist Bio:

Casey has been creating art for over 30 years and believes that eveyone can benefit from the freedom of expression that art can provide. He is qualified in the fields of philosophy, leadership, theology, fitness and neuroscience, and uses art as a meditative practise as well as a method of self-actualisation. His preferred medium is graphite. Casey works in LGBT+ advocacy, with a focus on trans rights, and is always looking for ways to help our comunity become more resilient and empowered. You can find out more about his projects via caseyobsidian.com

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