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SHOUT Community Day: Queer Folk Tales

The prince no longer kisses the princess, Cinderella helps her new husband to pick a new dress and the relationship between Mr Wolf and the three little pigs is a bit more complicated than you might have thought. In this collection of delightful, empowering and often magical tales, Kevin Walker creates and adapts a host of stories for the LGBTQ+ community. These sometimes traditional and sometimes modern tales show queer people that they belong not only in today’s world, but also in a storytelling tradition going back centuries, if not millennia. This is a wonderful collection for LGBTQ+ readers of all ages to enjoy and continue to tell for years to come, introducing characters who are romantic, brave, mysterious or fantastical – but always authentic. Join Kevin Walker for a reading from his book Queer Folk Tales, and a chat about rewriting heteronormative folk tales to encompass queerness in a new age for LGBTQ+ visibilty. This reading is suitable for teenagers and adult.

Artist Bio:

As a story teller, role player and interpreter, Kevin worked in museums and historic sites bringing alive historic and literary incidents, characters and periods in time. Much of his work involved the research of story lines and stories for specific sites. He now concentrates on performances for ‘grown-ups’ in clubs and festivals.
Kevin has 20 years in teaching and is an experienced actor with local theatre, radio and TV credits. After living in Spain and France, and travelling around Europe in a motor home, Kevin now lives near Leicester.


15 Nov 2020


6:00 pm



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