4 - 12 November 2022

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THE PLASTIC DRAG by Orlando Myxx



Premiere Friday 19 November


Can you become your own icon? Can drag be a political tool to transform the world around us? What does drag reveal about gender? Is drag an Art form?

The Plastic Drag is an experimental video work at the cross-over of video-art and documentary film making investigating how the Art of Drag is reshaping the world from the underbelly.

It explores the possible answers to those questions through the voices of drag performers who opens the doors to what drag means to them, to where their inspiration comes from and to what they stand for.

The film presents each artist engaging in a dialogue with their drag persona while immersed in a visual landscape based on their iconic inspirations and on archival footage of their performances.

The Plastic Drag is a work in progress which at this early stage involves two drag artists, Karen Fisch/King Frankie Sinatra and Jorge/Veronica Maldonado. However, it aims at featuring more artists to include the wide variety of political issues that drag performers deal with.  

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