4 - 12 November 2022

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Trans Talk Industry Day

In this workshop, Meg will be working alongside the amazing Krishna Istha, to support arts organisation to try and break down the barriers that trans artists face in getting their work out there, while also investigating what needs to be done amongst the industry to make these spaces truly accessible for trans people looking to be a part of the sector. Much more than just a panel, this session is vital for arts organisations that are ready to do deeper work

Artist Bio:

Meg Lightheart is a leadership development specialist who helps individuals, teams, organisations and movements radically optimise their ability to take wise and timely action in the face of complexity and mess.
She has spent her whole working life helping groups and individuals do their best thinking. Whether she’s coaching, facilitating, speaking or consulting, Meg functions as a steady presence, allowing clear practical steps to emerge from each unique situation.

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