4 - 12 November 2022

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Trans Talks Community Workshops

Words are a powerful and transformative tool. The ways that we speak about and to ourselves can seriously affect our wellbeing and sense of self. Sanctuary exists inside our bodies. This sense of peace can often be disrupted by negative self-talk. Join Jae Tallawah for ‘ The Affirmation Station’ and learn some tools to create your own personal affirmations that will help you be a little bit kinder to yourself during these turbulent times. This workshop prioritizes Black, Queer, Trans/NB and Neurodiverse folx but is open to everyone. 
Artist bio 

 Jae Tallawah is a ferociously Brummy, Neurodiverse, non-binary, Queer multidisciplinary artist. Jae’s practice mainly manifests as an illustrator, music maker, space curator and a visual note-taker. Jae is an active member of House Of Bab : Birmingham’s first vogue/art collective. They are currently the Creative Legacy & Inclusion lead for MAIA and they do voluntary work for UNMUTED. Jae is driven by a desire to curate spaces and experiences that make people feel seen, encouraged and heal.

It’s important to take charge in how we record our lives as trans people. Archives have failed to record our existence so it’s up to us to create our own archives 
This workshop will be on how to build an interactive digital archive. We will be using the free online tool Twine to try to record a recent moment of your life
Within the workshop we will 
-design an archive together 
-Creating pro trans terms and conditions for people to that keep our archive secure
-create sound and visuals to capture experience 
-centre our experience and how we tell stories 
This workshop is open to all Trans people


The Miners of Black Gold Writing Workshop

A digital round table story writing exercise for Black Queer and/or Trans people with a focus on decolonisation and utopian future building.

All writers welcome regardless of experience.

Artist Bio:

Meg Lightheart is a leadership development specialist who helps individuals, teams, organisations and movements radically optimise their ability to take wise and timely action in the face of complexity and mess.
She has spent her whole working life helping groups and individuals do their best thinking. Whether she’s coaching, facilitating, speaking or consulting, Meg functiosn as a steady presence, allowing clear practical steps to emerge from each unique situation.

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