4 - 12 November 2022

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Trans Talks Social

Round out the day with a super relaxed community space that aims to add community to an extremely isolating time. Engage in a few exciting activities including a talk with Holly Revell around her portrait project ‘People Like Us’ and some games. We’ll also be encouraging people to cook at home and share their recipes. A no-expectation and no-pressure safe space.

Artist Bio:

Meg Lightheart is a leadership development specialist who helps individuals, teams, organisations and movements radically optimise their ability to take wise and timely action in the face of complexity and mess.
She has spent her whole working life helping groups and individuals do their best thinking. Whether she’s coaching, facilitating, speaking or consulting, Meg functions as a steady presence, allowing clear practical steps to emerge from each unique situation.

Holly Revell is an artist photographer who makes collaborative portraits exploring performance and transforming identities. Notable projects include ‘Transformations’, a series of photographs made with performers reflecting the transition from drag to original self in one long-exposure (2016) and her photo-book ‘David Hoyle: Parallel Universe’ (2017). Holly’s work is archived at Bishopsgate Institute.

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