***FREE TICKETS FOR LOW INCOME. to book a free ticket to this event, simply email shoutfestival@blgbt.org.

ABOUT THE FILM: “It’s Paris Fashion Week on crack!” – Deep In Vogue celebrates the colourful, queer, emotional and political stories of Northern Vogue and its people. Synonymous with the black, gay ballrooms of 1980s New York, this documentary asks why we need Vogue culture now more than ever. We’ll be joined by some of the legendary performers from the film talking about the UK’s vogue scene and making space for queer people of colour. ‘An intimate look at the ways that working class northern culture blends into the proud nature of vogue as an art form… Deep in Vogue emphasises that art is not solely the arena of the middle classes; in the ballroom, your wealth is in your talent alone’ BFI 

IMPORTANT INFO: This event will take place on the ground floor of the Nightingale Club which is fully wheelchair accessible. Suitable for ages 15+. 

Important info: Deep In Vogue includes discussions of homophobia, transphobia, racism, and there is some sexual content. . 

SHOUT SAYS: This new documentary digs into issues like disenfranchisement of black youth, transphobia, a shrinking welfare state, and the commercialisation of the gay scene. As SHOUT hosts Birmingham first Vogue Ball this year (see page 15) we had to bring it to the festival not just to celebrate vogue culture but to highlight why it’s still so important to queer communities today.

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