SHOUT SAYS: Adding to a line-up of absolute icons is the unfathomably talented (and award winning) Travis Alabanza whose performance in BURGERZ blew us away. Their show is smart, funny, searingly painful, and one of the most powerful experiences we’ve had in the theatre. It’s an urgent call to arms to all of us to be better allies and to demand a better future.

ABOUT THE SHOW: After someone threw a burger at them and shouted a transphobic slur, Travis Alabanza became obsessed with burgers. How they’re cooked. How they feel and smell. This show is the climax of their obsession. Exploring how trans bodies survive, BURGERZ is a performance that is timely, unsettling and powerful. ‘Although fragile, Alabanza is sassy and witty, feeding off the audience like a seasoned cabaret star and riding the unpredictability of the interactive format’ THE GUARDIAN

IMPORTANT INFO: Contains real meat being cooked, haze, a loud noise and themes of harassment and violence Suitable for ages 14+.

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